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Dr. Yvette Greslé is a London-based art historian, writer, and teacher.

I hold a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from University College London (2015) and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to my specialisation, History of Art. My work as a whole is informed by a relationship to geographical, social and political conditions that traverse three locations: South Africa; the Seychelles archipelago and the United Kingdom. 

My core research interests relate to memory, the moving image as contemporary art practice, and art that has a relationship to the African continent and its diaspora. I also have a particular and personal interest in the relationship between memory, trauma and violence (especially as this relates to colonialism and apartheid). I am concerned with both historical and personal experiences of trauma and the ways in which social and political subjects constituted as women navigate these experiences. Art as a site for ethical and transformative thought is an ongoing interest together with writing as a politically situated, embodied, and performative practice. A thread that runs throughout my work relates to how narratives and experiences are rendered opaque, hidden, marginal or invisible. I draw across disciplinary fields to think about the politics and ethics of memory and the archive. 

For the duration of 2017/2018, I am a Post Doctoral Fellow (Global Excellence Stature Fellowship) with the University of Johannesburg; The Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD), Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. At the moment, I am  in the process of working on a book proposal that develops the research undertaken for my PhD. This research explored South African video art, the art historical figure of the woman artist and questions of memory, history and trauma.

I am currently working on a book for Copy Press. See its Common Intellectual series. My book emerges from my interest in writing as memory work. 

I am also a teacher of English to speakers of other languages and have a Trinity CertTESOL qualification. I teach at the Wimbledon School of English in London. 



  • Writing with art
  • Memory and History
  • Trauma and Violence (Apartheid)
  • The Archive
  • The ethics and politics of feminist, queer and anti-racist thought
  • Time and Temporality
  • Affect/Emotion
  • Geography and place
  • Walking as a philosophical and political practice
  • The moving image 
  • Performance
  • Contemporary art practices that have a relationship to the African continent and related diaspora. 
  • Contemporary British art practices