Academic publishing


Book Chapters

Ephemeral and site-specific encounters with the Freud Museum (London): Penny Siopis’s Three Essays on Shame (2005). In Critical Addresses. The Archive-in-Process (Johannesburg: University of Johannesburg, ed Leora Farber and Clare Jorgensen (Johannesburg: Jacana Media, 2016). Link

Journal Articles

Phoebe Boswell: For Every Real Word SpokenNka: Journal of Contemporary African Art (America, Africa, and the Diaspora) (Duke University Press), Number 41, November 2017. 

William Kentridge: Thick TimeNECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies (Amsterdam University Press), Spring, May 28, 2017. Link

‘Empathic unsettlement’ in the field of vision: Jo Ractliffe’s Vlakplaas in photographs and videoCritical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies (Taylor and Francis), Archival addresses: photographies, practices, positionalities, Volume 29, 2015. Link

Foucault’s Las Meninas and Art-Historical Methods.  Journal of Literary Studies (Taylor and Francis), Volume 22, Issue 3-4, 2006. Link

Strategies of veiling same-sex desire and its public consumption : Aubrey Beardsley’s illustration of Oscar Wilde’s 1894 Salome. De Arte (Taylor and Francis), 2004. Link

Exhibition Catalogues (selected)

“when I felt like I just wasn’t being heard”: Sharlene Khan’s Nervous Conditions, in I Make Art: Sharlene Khan. This catalogue was published on the occasion of the PhD exhibition I Make Art by Sharlene Khan at Goldsmiths College, London, 2014.